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Building IBCS-compliant reports in Power BI

Wednesday Jul 17, 2024 at 11 AM CEST
Speaker: Hamsini Sukumar Data Visualisation Specialist

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The International Business Communication Standards, IBCS for short, are a universal set of rules for reporting, visualization and presentation of business data.  Uniform standards have a profound impact on clarity, readability, speed of comprehension and knowledge transfer across domains.

This webinar will cover the following:

  1. The history and importance of data visualization standards
  2. What are the IBCS standards?
  3. Advantages of the IBCS standards
  4. LIVE DEMO in Power BI including:
    a. One-click no-code IBCS templates
    b. IBCS chart types including small multiples, vertical waterfalls, stacked bar and column charts, multi-tier bar and column charts and many more
    c. Table templates (including T01 and T02 – which are not supported by other visualization software out-of-the-box) with hierarchical rows and integrated variance
    d. IBCS tables in small multiple format
    e. Responsive visuals that adapt to canvas size
    f. Automatic variance and total calculations
    g. Dynamic scaling and axis formatting customizations
    h. Derivative IBCS themes to support seamless transition to IBCS for first-time adopters

…… and much more!

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