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Inforiver Charts 2.1 featured in Microsoft Power BI Blog

by Inforiver | Feb 16, 2023 |

We are pleased to announce that Inforiver charts is featured in the monthly Microsoft Power BI Blog of February 2023 and is now MS Power BI certified. Some highlights from the blog:

Inforiver Charts 2.1, the fastest way to visualize, explore and tell data stories, is now Microsoft Power BI certified. The latest version 2.1 features significant feature updates, user experience (UX) enhancements, and a new developer-only pricing plan that can be directly purchased from Microsoft AppSource. This new pricing plan allows for unlimited viewers and avoids license management & administration hassles.

What’s new in Inforiver Charts 2.1:

1.New visualizations

  • Executive Horizontal/Vertical funnel chart with secondary KPI
  • Stacked/paired breakdown waterfall charts
  • Slopegraph
  • Charts with integrated KPI card headers
microsoft power bi blog inforiver charts 2.1

2.New Use Cases

  • Banded bar and column charts for manufacturing and production KPI reporting
  • Create and display secondary KPIs on visuals (using ‘Others’ data field) with integrated formula engine.
  • Create stamp-sized, micro layouts and KPI spark cards

3.Enhanced User experience (UX) and productivity

  • For developers: Multiple toolbar modes (full or floating), quick feature search, on-canvas element interactivity, responsiveness, font scaling & more
  • For viewers: Increased reading mode options, contextual drilldown for exploratory analysis & more

4.Storytelling enhancements

Customizable legends, titles, KPI card headers, annotations, analytics and more


Choose between classic Power BI-like color themes, IBCS standards or custom themes matching your corporate branding.

See Inforiver Charts demos here.

Please note Inforiver Charts is now Inforiver Analytics+ (Charts + Cards + Tables) Read more. We have suspended developer-based subscription plans from AppSource – for the reasons outlined in detail

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