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Inforiver Matrix and Charts are now IBCS Certified

by Inforiver | Jun 23, 2021 |

Inforiver, offering the fastest way to build Power BI table / matrix reports, is now certified by International Business Communication Standards (IBCS). The product delivers the simplicity, flexibility and power of Excel spreadsheets right within Microsoft Power BI. It supports a wide variety of use cases including reporting, visualizations, analysis, audit, forecasting & simulations, scheduling, collaboration and writeback.

With its business-responsive design, Inforiver makes it possible to create IBCS compliant business, management, variance, and performance reports in a single click. Users can simply select a template and assign the data to build a report. They can do this instantly without any programming, scripting or configuration assistance.

Currently the product offers five (5) IBCS templates that can jumpstart your Power BI report development.

Inforiver Matrix and Charts are now IBCS Certified

Key capabilities of Inforiver Matrix include:

• Advanced pivot analysis
• Expand/Collapse-enabled row & column hierarchies
• Row & column reordering for visually managing hierarchies
• Header & footer customization
• Integrated inline, footer & column-based commenting and annotations
• Top ‘N’ + others analysis in minimal clicks
• Advanced conditional formatting (including subtotals) with dynamic data selection
• Support for ragged/unbalanced hierarchies
• Totals & subtotals management with split subtotals & grouped subtotals
• Multiple formatting options for themes, appearance, toolbar, and interactivity customizations
• … and more

Key capabilities of Inforiver Charts include:

• Ability to support multiple charting options such as waterfall, line, area, integrated variance, small multiples/trellis
• Persistent highlighting (e.g., difference markers, trend arrows, etc.) and dynamic highlighting (e.g., to measure the difference between two bars on the fly)
• Scale band functionality and dynamic scaling of charts
• Extensive axis label formatting and placement
• Runtime dynamic deviation
• Pixel perfect formatted export to PDF (including pagination) and numeric view export to Excel
… and more

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