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Inforiver March 2022 Update  

by Inforiver | Mar 29, 2022 | ,

Welcome to the Inforiver March 2022 update. We are thrilled to announce several new features and key enhancements (for all the editions) most anticipated by our Inforiver community!  

Here is a video summarizing the key updates. 

Inforiver March 2022 Update  

New Features & Enhancements 

Audit Log 

  • Timestamps for changes  
  • Listing by chronological order 
  • Filter by cell/row/column 

Auto Fit 

  • Preview option in focus mode to understand fit in smaller screen  
  • Auto fit one or more selected columns 

Blend Measure 

  • Auto populate on selecting 2 measures 
  • Blend measures horizontally 
  • Add padding between the 2 measures 
  • Icon in column header to denote blended measures  

Bullet Chart 

  • Conditional Bar – bar color is based on positive/negative variance 
  • Fill pattern (Solid, Outlined and Hatched) for Integrated Bullet chart 
  • Comparison bands for Stephen Few’s Quantitative Bullet visual 
  • Select specific members from a category e.g., only Q1 and Q2 for the last 3 years 
  • Option to sort measures – Ascending or Descending 
  • Align labels – Left, Center or Right 

New Charts 

Stacked Bar 

  • Dumbbell and Range Plot – for drawing attention to the qualitative difference between 2 groups 
  • Dot Plot – for visualizing the difference between 3 groups  
  • Arrow Plot – for indicating the direction of change between 2 groups in time

New Formula Bar  

  • Excel-like cell highlighting 
  • New reference .COLUMN to select columns within a hierarchy measure 
  • Dynamic example in formula bar 

Calculated Row 

  • Template row for lowest child level of balanced hierarchy 
  • Insert Smart analysis based on calculated row 
  • Refer row totals inside calculated rows 

Data Bar 

  • Enhanced color picker – select min and max colors for gradient 
  • Align data bar to the left or right 

Display Settings 

  • Search for specific properties. Tags have been added for ease of use; typing invert shows related results such as sign in headers. 
  • Option to show/hide measure header 
  • Row/Column/Rows & Column Word wrap option 
  • Option to turn off edit cell indicator 
  • Set padding for row totals 
  • Custom/Alias name for scaling titles


  • Apply simulation from parent to child 
  • Simulate multiple leaf cells in the same column simultaneously 


  • Support for multiple cell selection, control click and range selection
  • Underline option for cell, row, column, measure/column/row/column group header 
  • Rounded corner support for borders 
  • Copy formatting from one column header to another

Reset Changes 

  • Reset Format, Notes or All changes 
  • Formatting can be cleared for selected columns

Charts Enhancements 

  • X Axis with tick marks on top of charts which is responsive to resizing 
  • Bar Charts - Data Label Flip, Reference Line, Reference Band and Bar Padding  

Stepped Layout 

  • Expand to specific level  
  • Option to turn off single child rows 
  • Configure single child row as Parent only, Single child as parent etc. 

Sparkline Enhancements 

  • Customize Null Display – connect over nulls, consider null as 0 or skip the nulls 
  • Appearance customizations – Stroke width, Area Color, Line Color, Max, Min, and Label Color 
  • Padding for win/loss columns 
  • Baseline Chart – Set axis as Median, Average, Standard deviation etc. and visualize the trend relative to it 
  • Scale bands to indicate distribution of values 
  • Create sparkline for a subset of the columns 

Responsive toolbar 

  • For smaller sizes, the toolbar switches to minimal mode which can be pinned or enabled on hover 

Rows & Columns 

  • Column Pinning – Pin selected columns 
  • Column Filtering – Filter rows based on whether the value is greater, lesser, or equal to specified value 
  • Group rows visually and set position as top or bottom 
  • Hide an Entire Level using show/hide icon 
  • Column Spacing – Create a space between columns 

Header & Footer Customizations 

  • Pixel dimensions for KPI cards 
  • Margins, Split panel, Swap containers and Entire header border  
  • Alignment, Padding and Text formatting 

Important Bug Fixes 

  • Non additive rows (when include in total is off) will not be included in visualizations 
  • Export to Excel gradient color issue has been fixed 
  • Export to Excel/PDF is possible when sparkline average, min and max columns are present 
  • Section breaks for table and stepped navigation is fixed 
  • Smart analysis: Creation of contribution based on already created % contribution column is disabled 

We'd love to hear your ideas for Inforiver – be it a cool new feature or an improvement on existing features. Visit the Inforiver Community to share your ideas, vote on other submissions, and interact with other users. 

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