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Inforiver Enterprise July 2022 Update  

by Inforiver | Jul 25, 2022 | , ,

Welcome to the Inforiver Enterprise July 2022 update. We are thrilled to announce several new features and key enhancements most anticipated by our Inforiver community!

Key enhancements in this 1.6 release are listed below. Feel free to jump to any specific section for more details.

Data Input

  1. Columns enabling data capture in reading mode – Number, Text, Single Select, Multi Select and Date 
  2. Live update other visuals using sync database option 
  3. Audit for data input columns 


  1. New Destination support - SAP HANA 
  2. Improvements – Logs, Milestone based progress and Performance 


  1. Allow Admins to configure Writeback connections  
  2. Admins can restrict report authors from setting up Writeback Database destination 


Data Input

1. Data input columns with validated form style input options like Number, Text, Single/Multi Select & Date have been introduced in this release.  

Data Input Columns

These data input columns can be edited in both the reading and edit modes. Additionally, you can also configure conditions with formula to enable editing. These columns can also be written back and exported to PDF/Excel.  

Data Input Columns - Approval Status

In the below image, editing is allowed based on the Variance %. Notice the greyed-out cells as highlighted.  

Data Input Columns - Editing Variance %

The below image shows a sample weekly forecast update report utilizing the data input columns – text, single select and date. Notice that the text column supports auto wrap

Data Input Columns - Autowrap

2. Sync Database feature with data input columns can enable automatic update of other visuals in the report when data input columns are updated. Support for this feature is only available on SQL Server and Azure SQL Server; we are planning to include Snowflake in the next release.

Sync Database

To configure Sync Database, go to ‘Manage Columns’ in the Insert tab. Note that the Sync Database tab as shown below gets enabled only when you have a data input column/measure in the report.

Sample configuration for syncing data input columns with an external database is shown below.

Sync Database - Sample Configuration

3. Similar to the audit logs for data editing and formatting, changes to the data entry columns are captured as shown below. You can filter the logs based on the data range.


1. With v1.6, we introduce support for SAP HANA. Support for Azure Data Lake Gen2 and Azure Synapse are in the roadmap.

Writeback - SAP HANA

2. Improvements

  • Writeback logs and Milestone based progress

Milestones along with time stamps have been introduced to facilitate exception tracing.

Writeback logs and Milestone based progress
Writeback logs Improvements


1. Admins can configure Writeback connection and set it as ‘Admin sources’

Organizations which prefer to have control over the writeback destinations can set up the database connections that should be used by the users.

Admin Sources
Admin Sources - Add destination

2. Admins can now restrict report authors from setting up Writeback Database destination


1. Filters/Bookmark configuration at each destination

In the earlier version v1.5, for configuration of different bookmarks, you had to run multiple schedules and the bookmark ID had to be copied from your report and used while configuring.

Scheduler - Select Report
Scheduler - Select Destinations

With 1.6, the whole process has been made easier – you can create one schedule and configure different bookmarks for different destinations.

Scheduler - Filters/Bookmark configuration

All the report bookmarks will be listed for selection.

Bookmarks List

2. Preview PDF/Excel

It is now possible to preview the selected report as a PDF/Excel. This makes it especially easier to validate report filter/bookmarks. Till version 1.5, for report filter/bookmark validation, the schedule had to be run.

The previewed file can also be downloaded as shown below.

Preview PDF/Excel
Preview PDF/Excel Download

3. Support for Row Level security added for Report+ layout

RLS support has been added for Report+ layout. It is to be noted that this only works for email. In the report selection, page it automatically recognizes the number of categories as shown below.

Row Level security for Report+ layout

In the Select Destinations section, you can select the recipients for categories as shown. The categories can be selected by clicking on the ‘…’ and the dropdown that gets displayed.

Row Level security for Report+ layout - Select Destination

4. Merge Excel from multiple pages

Version 1.6 introduces support for merging multiple Excel reports as a single file.

Merge Excel from multiple pages

2 pages from the report have been merged as a single Excel file.

Merge Excel to a single page

We'd love to hear your ideas for Inforiver – be it a cool new feature or an improvement on existing features. Visit the Inforiver Community to share your ideas, vote on other submissions, and interact with other users. 

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