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One-Click Report Templates for Power BI

by Inforiver | May 10, 2021 | ,

Inforiver provides one of the fastest ways to build reports in Power BI, and a key ingredient that enables this is the availability of one-click business templates. Let us take a quick look at how to use them.

  1. Launch Inforiver in full screen mode. You will be shown two options – 'Build report manually' and 'Design with smart wizard'. Choose the second option by clicking 'Start designing'.

If you do not wish to use a template, just start assigning data to the visual. It is not mandatory to use business templates, but using one makes your task a lot easier.

2. If you choose to use a template, several business templates are shown during the launch experience. Select one and click Next.

Select the template - Inforiver

3.Configure additional properties as you click through the launch experience. These properties vary by the choice of template.
Inforiver Business Templates
Inforiver Business Templates

4.Once you reach the last step, you will be ready to map your data to Inforiver.
Inforiver Business Templates

5.Assign values to rows & columns. You will now have the ‘Spreadsheet’ template activated in the canvas.
Inforiver Business Templates
Anytime you need to change the template, click on ‘Home’ tab from the menu and select ‘Templates’. You will see the list of templates here (the default template corresponds to ‘Build report manually’ in step #1). The list of templates shown here vary by the Inforiver Edition used.
Inforiver Business Templates
Overall, the one-click business templates help users get to their end state in the most productive manner. The flexibility in changing templates midway is also a huge time saver, as you would otherwise have to reformat from scratch.

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