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Inforiver Enterprise Editions

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Inforiver Enterprise comes in two editions – SaaS and On-Premise.

The SaaS edition is a multi-tenant option, hosted and managed by Inforiver in Azure. This is ideal for small businesses and for organizations looking to roll out Inforiver to a handful of users. The On-Premise edition gives you complete control of the infrastructure as it is deployed in your Azure tenant. This option provides you with the security, comfort and isolation offered by your private network. This is ideal for medium & large organizations.

SaaS and On-Premise edition comparison

SaaS VersionOn-Premise / Private Tenant
Multi-tenant option, hosted and managed by Inforiver in Azure with all the cost and administrative benefits associated with SaaSA dedicated customer managed instance of Inforiver deployed in customer’s Azure tenant to meet data residency, security, and governance requirements
Customer ProfileSmall and Medium BusinessesLarge Enterprises
PricingVisit Enterprise pricing for more informationVisit Enterprise pricing for more information
Additional CostNone (Pricing inclusive of Azure tenant services)Customer handles and manages their own Azure consumption costs, find an estimate here. Additional one-time deployment and implementation costs ($12k) to install Inforiver in your Azure Tenant
Write-Back DestinationsBring Your Own (BYOD) databases and file storage destinations (OneDrive, SharePoint, ...) and it is not included as part of the service. Inforiver provides a managed Azure SQL database connection for writeback POC purposes.Bring Your Own (BYOD) databases and file storage destinations (OneDrive, SharePoint, ...) and it is not included as part of the service
UsageFair Usage Policy to ensure optimal performance for all customersCustomers can manage their own infrastructure to usage patterns (scale up or down)
Deployment TimeNone - no installation, upgrades required by customersTakes time to deploy based on IT team approval and setup complexity
Data ResidencyData will be residing in one of our shared servers in an encrypted way at rest and in transitData residency will be customer choice and will reside in your servers for enhanced security and policy compliance purposes
Data RetentionData will be retained for 180 days once it is deleted or removedData retention can be customized based on your own needs
PerformanceInforiver has optimized it for performance at fair usagePerformance will be in your control, can be tuned based on your needs
UpdatesAutomatic updates including regular security patchesManual updates to the Infrastructure & Software Release & Patch updates

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Inforiver is the fastest way to do everything in Power BI. It enables citizen developer productivity and unleashes true self-service with our intuitive and interactive no-code data app suite for Microsoft Power BI. The product is developed by Lumel Technologies Inc, who are #1 Power BI Visuals AppSource Partner serving over 3,000+ customers worldwide with their xViz, Inforiver, and ValQ offerings.
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