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7 Key Writeback Use Cases in Microsoft Power BI using Inforiver

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Duration 55 minutes
Gopal Krishnamurthy CEO, Inforiver
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Use Power BI to implement the seven (7) major writeback use cases. This webinar also covers the latest feature updates and user experience.

About webinar :

Watch this session on how you can use Power BI to implement the following seven (7) major writeback use cases. This webinar also covers the latest feature updates and user experience.
  1. Writeback to Online/Cloud databases and shared drives: Write back Power BI report data to online / cloud databases (Snowflake, Azure SQL, BigQuery, and other on-premise SQL DB) or shared drives (One Drive, etc)
  2. Writeback Visual-Level Formula Calculations, Forecast Scenarios, and Simulations: Write back any type of calculations done at the visual level. This includes any formula-based visual-level measures, what-if simulations using formula values or visual slider, forecasts/budgets/allocations, in-cell updates, manual/static data entry, and more.
  3. Distributed Sales Data Entry & Writeback in Power BI Reading View: Captured distributed data entry (say, from 500 sales reps) in Power BI Reading (read-only) mode and write them back to a central location along with user rep name and time stamp
  4. Bi-Directional Writeback: Writeback data to a database or file destination and retrieve (updated) data from the data store with direct query live consumption with other Power BI visuals and reports.
  5. Writeback Notes & Comments: Writeback Row/Cell/Column level notes and comments
  6. Writeback Conversations: Writeback interactive conversations from multiple users along with user name and timestamp.
  7. Write back data to multiple destinations: Save data to multiple destinations at once (including multiple databases, or database + shared drives)

Learn how Inforiver's writeback capability can transform your Power BI reports.

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