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You can now explore, analyse and try out Inforiver on our free datasets listed below.

We’ve highlighted some of our favourite sources of free data, as well as interesting datasets you can use for your next project.

Health Spending – Country-wise health spending, pharmaceutical spending, number of doctors, nurses etc.

Happiness and Life Satisfaction – 10+ datasets on Happiness and Life Satisfaction.

All the World’s Wealth – Illustration of how world’s total wealth is distributed among countries in the year 2019

Berlin Airbnb Ratings – List of Airbnb spots in Berlin along with their ratings

What’s really warming the world – Various reasons contributing to the planet’s rising temperature.

Dark Web Price Index 2022 – Dark web data - latest product prices, trends and methods used to make the operations more secure

Air Quality & Pollution – Data on how air pollution can harm your health and the environment, and what EPA is doing to protect the air we breathe.

US Weather History – 12-month data on temperature across US cities

Gender Pay Gap – Dataset that showcases the gender pay gap in US and UK

TED Talks – Find answer to questions such as what the most popular TED talk is, who the most popular speakers are, perform month-wise/year-wise analysis etc.  

Ukraine Russia War – Dataset that describes Equipment Losses, Death Toll, Military Wounded & Prisoner of War of Russians in 2022 Ukraine Russia War.

NYC Taxi Trips – Aggregated data containing information on regulated industries and raw trip data from licensees.

Credit Card Fraud Detection – Dataset containing transactions made by credit cards by European cardholders in September 2013.

European Soccer – The ultimate Soccer database for data analysis and machine learning

HR Analytics – Uncover the factors that lead to employee attrition and explore important questions such as ‘show me a breakdown of distance from home by job role and attrition’ or ‘compare average monthly income by education and attrition’.


Others :

Other sources for high-quality public datasets on diverse topics such as health, environment, markets, science and more.

Our World in Data – This includes multiple data sets of Research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems

The Economist – Try out various reports using market data sets from The Economist

Gapminder – This consists of complete datasets with hundreds of indicators available in Github repositories                                                                  

Makeover Monday – Access the data sets from various fields for 2021.

Other popular sites include :

Toronto Open Data, Health Data, UNICEF, Data World, Kaggle, Awesome Public Datasets, Information is Beautiful

Eurostat, CDC, Data is Plural, World Bank

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