No-Code Paginated Reports for Microsoft Power BI

Tuesday, 25 Jan 2022 , 10 AM CST 


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Gopal Krishnamurthy

CEO, Inforiver

Did you know that most paginated BI and Operational reports are built using Microsoft Word/Excel or with legacy on-premise BI software like SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Web Intelligence, SSRS, Cognos, IBI Web Focus?

These are mostly developed and maintained by IT with no real self-service capabilities. They are neither interactive nor have visual elements like charts or graphs.

Imagine if business users can build a highly-formatted, interactive, no-code paginated report on their own in less than 5 minutes?

Inforiver today delivers that capability in Power BI. You can utilize formatted header/footers, page breaks, continuous section breaks, page filters, formatted cross tab, and sub-reports – all inside Microsoft Power BI.  

In this session we will cover the following (including a LIVE DEMO):

i.  Business use cases for paginated reports

ii.  Key functionality and features that drive        continuous adoption of paginated reports

iii. SSRS Vs Power BI’s Paginated Reports vs Inforiver Report+

iv.   Live Demo

    • Inforiver’s no-code paginated reports a.k.a Report+
    • Inforiver’s Report+ preset designs, header/footer formatting capabilities
    • Inforiver’s formatted paginated export to PDF
    • Inforiver’s paginated report scheduler/bursting capability
    • Deep dive on Inforiver’s Paginated Report Scheduler
      1. Saving and subscribing to the report on custom  frequencies as well as daily, weekly, or monthly basis
      2. Multiple broadcast destinations (Email, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint,..)
      3. External users as recipients (your customers, vendors, and more)
      4. Send executive subscriptions (preview image format in high resolutions) with no attachments  
    • Network collaboration with webinar attendees – some of you will receive a live output of our paginated report

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