No-Code Paginated Reports for Microsoft Power BI

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Duration 59 minutes
Gopal Krishnamurthy CEO, Inforiver
Short Description

This session shows how businesses can build a highly-formatted, interactive, no-code paginated report on their own in Power BI.

In this webinar, we will cover

i. Business use cases for paginated reports

ii. Key functionality and features that drive continuous adoption of paginated reports

iii. SSRS Vs Power BI’s Paginated Reports vs Inforiver Report+

iv. Demo

  • Inforiver’s no-code paginated reports a.k.a Report+
  • Inforiver’s Report+ preset designs, header/footer formatting capabilities
  • Inforiver’s formatted paginated export to PDF
  • Inforiver’s paginated report scheduler/bursting capability
  • Deep dive on Inforiver’s Paginated Report Scheduler
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About Inforiver!

Inforiver delivers the fastest way to build collaborative reports in Power BI through a seamless low-code / no-code experience. The product is developed by Lumel Technologies, which has a decade of experience in building visualization products including ValQ, xViz and BI Hub.
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