Inforiver Charts - Fastest Way to Visualize your data stories inside Microsoft Power BI

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Duration 47 mins
Gopal Krishnamurthy CEO,Inforiver
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Join us Live for our Global Launch Premier of Inforiver Charts that offers a multi-dimensional multi-measure visualizations.

Join us Live for our Global Launch Premier of Inforiver Charts. It is an Innovative JavaScript Library built from the ground up to offer multi-dimensional multi-measure visualizations that adhere to IBCS standards and other best practices for Data visualization. It also offers an unparalleled no-code user experience so that even business end-users can tell their data stories as they do with Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Story Telling tools. 

In this Webinar - You will learn about

  1. Inforiver Charts vision Your PowerPoint for Data 
  2. Emerging Trends in Data Visualizations and Story Telling
  3. The fastest way to visualize using a No-Code User Experience 
  4. No-Code Exploration and Drill Down Analysis for End-Users 
  5. Multi-Dimensional and Multi-Measure Visualizations (40+ Chart Types)
  6. Live, Interactive, and Data Point Story Telling inside Power BI 
  7. Strict and Flexible IBCS Standards & Best Practices 


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About Inforiver!

Inforiver delivers the fastest way to build collaborative reports in Power BI through a seamless low-code / no-code experience. The product is developed by Lumel Technologies, which has a decade of experience in building visualization products including ValQ, xViz and BI Hub.
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