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Past Webinars

POWER BI or DIE special - Inforiver Analytics+ Part 2

Wednesday Feb 07, 2024 at 11 AM EST
Speaker: Gopal Krishnamurthy Founder/CEO

Join us for a LinkedIn live session with Gopal Krishnamurthy and Artur König, head of Tech at BI or DIE, as we delve in depth into Inforiver Analytics+ capabilities.

Building upon our previous discussion from POWER BI or DIE special - Inforiver Analytics+ Part 1, we'll provide an in-depth analysis of Inforiver Analytics+ tables and cards, share the latest user experience updates, and demonstrate the innovative zoom feature for all charts. Additionally, stay informed about the latest pricing updates and get a glimpse into the future with our roadmap and upcoming developments.

In this webinar, experience a LIVE DEMO of how Analytics+ delivers advanced features in Power BI:

  1. Introducing Storyboard Live to Power BI community for the first time
  2. Dashboards vs Storyboard and Benefits of Inforiver Story Board Feature
  3. Full Interactivity in Reading View with Power BI (Key Qlik, Spotfire Migration Requirement)
  4. Inforiver Analytics+ Tables in depth
  5. Inforiver Cards in Depth
  6. Inforiver User Experience Updates on Charts Tab
  7. Inforiver Analytics+ Zoom feature for All Charts
  8. Inforiver Pricing Updates
  9. Roadmap and What is coming soon

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Inforiver is the fastest way to do everything in Power BI. It enables citizen developer productivity and unleashes true self-service with our intuitive and interactive no-code data app suite for Microsoft Power BI. The product is developed by Lumel Technologies Inc, who are #1 Power BI Visuals AppSource Partner serving over 3,000+ customers worldwide with their xViz, Inforiver, and ValQ offerings.
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