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Conditional Formatting in Power BI: A Deep-Dive using Inforiver

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Duration 55 minutes
Jay Anantharaman Co-founder , Inforiver
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We will take a quick look at Conditional formatting in Power BI, it’s capabilities and limitations in this session.

In this webinar, we will take a quick look at Conditional formatting in Power BI, it’s capabilities and limitations. We will then elaborate through a LIVE DEMO as to how you can unlock the full potential of conditional formatting – as it should be – using Inforiver for Microsoft Power BI.

Specifically, we will review:

  • Basic formatting: Background/Text/Icons
  • Semantic formatting
  • Formatting entire rows
  • Fill icons (icons that can be filled 25%, 50%, etc.,)
  • Rating icons (as you see in Amazon and other sites)
  • Data segmentation (e.g., High/Medium/Low)
  • Branch-level formatting in hierarchical data
  • Formatting top & bottom values
  • Formatting row headers/column headers
  • Complex rule-based formatting
  • Formatting based on values in other cells (in a table)
  • Conditionally formatting charts
  • … and more

Who should attend:

  • Power BI developers
  • Data Analysts
  • BI Managers
  • Inforiver users

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