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Use Case #3 – Analysis

Enrich your decision making by applying your own formatting, layout, analysis and derivative calculations
Insert Calculated Rows & Columns

Insert visual-level formula calculations to create rows & columns dynamically; Includes pre-set column options

Edit/Update cells

Use spreadsheet-like formula bar to start editing cell value or formula. Supports formula references to other cells.

Export to Excel/PDF

Export your reports with structure & formatting, notes & annotations, and more. Charts can be exported to PDF.

Top N + Others

Perform a quick Top N filtering and group remaining values as ‘Others’ in a few clicks

Nested Filters

Use a combination of AND / OR filters and nested/group filters for a flexible and powerful filtering experience

Omni Search

Find values & categories in your visual across pages (pagination)

1-click Conditional Formatting

Perform positive/negative, color scale, segmentation, icon, rating & other conditional formatting in a single click

Manage Accounting Signs

Manage signage for financial / general accounts (e.g., Expenses); very helpful for building financial statement reports

Smart Analysis

Insert variance, contribution and vertical analysis to your reports in a single click

Change Aggregation Type

Change the way in which totals and subtotals are calculated for measures at the visual-level

Explore additional use case

Use Cases include Reporting, Visualizations, Analysis, Data Provenance & Audit, Forecasting & Simulations, Scheduling, Collaboration & Writeback
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