Inforiver Data Challenge

March 2022

And that's a wrap for Inforiver's first ever Data Challenge!

We started the challenge with the idea of providing a platform for participants to showcase and enhance their Data & Analytics skills with Inforiver's no code low code approach in Power BI.
It has been exciting and overwhelming to see the response and reception for the event from Day 1.

The support and encouragement has spurred us to deliver and perform better from our end too.

Each month there will be a different topic to get a diverse and practical understanding of real-life scenarios for the participants. This would help them in honing their skills and provide an opportunity to be noticed by the industry experts.

In the first-ever Inforiver Data challenge, March 22’,  participants analyzed the Microsoft Financials data set and were asked to build a compelling visual financial report. It was truly commendable to see the efforts that have been made by every participant.


How were the winners chosen?

The three winning entries and the badges were chosen by industry expert Khaled Chowdhury, Global Director, Data & Analytics – CMC Materials.


March 2022 – Challenge Winners

The entries were judged based on the overall design, presentation of financial statement and usage of Inforiver.

Getting on to the results and judge’s comments:

Overall Winner – Komal Bhatt 

Komal’s submission beautifully encompassed everything that we were looking for in the final report. The Financial Statements were easy to read, and inclusion of the commentary was a unique addition.

What could have been done better?

Could have used colored variance bars for easier communication.


Runner Up 1 - Federico Pastor & Murtaza Kamal Pasha Khan

Federico and Murtaza’s report was a clear favourite and indeed very close to the winner’s score. The report had an eye-catching design and colour scheme. It was easy to read and understand overall.

What could have been done better?

It would have been nice to see Gross Margin %.

Minor errors in formatting such as Shares in currency should be corrected.


Runner Up 2 – John Bassey

John’s dashboard had a beautiful design with the balance sheet and cash flow visualized very well.

What could have been done better?

Income statement could have been formatted better.

A lot of calculations seem to have been performed in Excel and pulled into Power BI. This could have been easily achieved using Inforiver’s row level calculations.


Badge Winners :

Strategic Problem Solver - Sizakele Kubeka

Sizakele’s report had a good usage of Inforiver showing the advanced capabilities of the visual in the Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.

What could have been done better?

The Income Statement needs to be refined further to pass a CFO requirement.


Innovator – Huyen Le

Huyen’s dashboard had an innovative design and a creative portrayal of the financial statements.

What could have been done better?

Standard financial statements with variance could have been included.


Proficient Analyst - Fernando Calero

Fernando’s report had a pretty decent design and a nice usage of row-level calculations.

What could have been done better?

Balance sheet needs to be visualized as a single visual.


Excellent effort from all the participants! We’re excited to continue this ride with more exciting challenges in instore for the future.

If you have missed out on this challenge, worry not! You can try it out right here.


Download the dataset



About the data set

The Microsoft Financials dataset contains 11 statements – both current and historical trends for the quarter ended December 31, 2021. The following sections can be found in the excel file.

Current Financial Statements Trended Historical Financial Statements 
Income Statements Quarterly Income Statements 
Comprehensive Income Statements Segment History 
Balance Sheets Unearned Revenue 
Cash Flows Statements Yearly Income Statements 
Segment Revenue & Operating Income Return of Cash to Shareholders 
 Capital Expenditures 

You can also sign up for our May Challenge which will be soon released. Until then, stay tuned to our community for more updates.


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