Inforiver recently launched its Professional Edition in Microsoft App Source. Following are the excerpts from the Power BI Monthly Blog (Oct 21).

Inforiver Professional Edition

Inforiver is an innovative Low code / No code reporting and analytics solution for Microsoft Power BI. End-users can use Inforiver to rapidly build complex financial statements, P&L reports, management, and variance reports with the help of our built-in visual formula engine with no IT or DAX knowledge.

Inforiver professional edition also enables pivot table type analysis, nested filtering, and Top N ranking capabilities. The built-in toolbar provides single-click styling, alignment, and several formatting options, and delivers unparalleled end-user self-service, interactivity, and collaboration experiences.

Inforiver professional edition feature highlights:

Financial & management reporting:

  • Excel-like quick formatting (cell, rows, and columns)
  • Pagination
  • Row/column reordering and grouping on the fly
  • Automatic number formatting
  • Grand & subtotal positioning (top or bottom) as well as split totals
  • Insert visual formula row/formulas as well as static manual input rows
  • Ragged hierarchy handling


  • Cell-level notes & annotations
  • Audit – capture visual level changes for changelog
  • Cell edits and cell level formulas

Analysis use cases:

  • Expand/collapse individual columns for pivot analysis
  • Able to hide /show using manage columns (asymmetric tables)
  • Advanced conditional formatting (totals, values)
  • Freeze and pin – multiple rows at the same time and across pages

Download this visual from AppSource .

Learn more by watching the demo video below.

Check this sample demo file to learn more :

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