Inforiver today announced the launch of its low code / no code analytics suite for enterprises.

Key capabilities of Inforiver include the following:

  1. Quick Launch Templates for Business and Management Reporting  
  2. Low-code / no-code user experience with minimal clicks
  3. Standardized & IBCS certified visualizations out-of-the-box
  4. Advanced Pivot Analysis
  5. Expand/Collapse-enabled Row & Column Hierarchies
  6. Support for ragged/unbalanced hierarchies
  7. Spreadsheet Like Formulas with Insert/Edit-enabled rows, columns & cells.
  8. Extensive formatting options
  9. Row & Column reordering for visually managing hierarchies
  10. Header & Footer customizations for formatted paginated reporting
  11. Totals & Subtotals Management with split subtotals grouping feature
  12. Advanced Conditional Formatting
  13. Governed Commentary & Annotations
  14. Smart Pagination & Page and Section Breaks
  15. Sorting, Nested Filtering, Top ‘N’ + Others analysis in minimal clicks
  16. Variety of integrated charting options
  17. Unified Number formatting & auto scaling options
  18. Navigation options, such as hierarchy, table, stepped & drill-down
  19. Data-driven alerts
  20. Scheduling & email broadcasting
  21. Formatted export to excel and PDF
  22. Audit trail for extensive data governance and provenance
  23. With extensive Theme, Appearance and Toolbar and Interactivity Customizations
  24. … and more

Inforiver comes in three variants. They are:

  1. Inforiver for BusinessFastest way to create formatted business, management, variance and performance reporting in a single click using our business template launch wizard. Incorporates visuals certified by IBCS (International Business Communication Standards)
  2. Inforiver for Finance – for rapidly building dynamic and interactive formatted reports & financial statements with the flexibility and power of spreadsheet-like features, functions and familiar user interface.
  3. Inforiver for Enterprise – for medium & large enterprises, combining the capabilities of Inforiver Business & Inforiver Finance, along with enterprise-grade features such as formatted paginated reporting, advanced visualizations (bullet charts, sparklines), data-driven alerts, scheduling & email broadcasting, formatted paginated exports to pdf and excel, audit, governed commentary, and more.

Note: As of today (May 2021), Inforiver for Finance can be downloaded here (limited period beta version – registration required). Inforiver for Finance & Enterprise will be available in June 2021.

For a detailed comparison of key product features, visit this page.

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